Meet your Makers

Meet your Makers

The Hetheringtons


 Who are we?

Meet JefF:  

Before farming Jeff worked in some of the best restaurants in Victoria, Vancouver and Italy as a Chef, gaining a true love for food. An entrepreneur through and through, he took that love one step further and opened the successful Pig BBQ Joint in 2007.  After running it for 10 years, he found he was becoming disenfranchised with the big food business.

The way he overcame this was to move to the country and get his hands dirty creating real honest food on a small scale.

He loves the early mornings, the heavy lifting, the hard work, and the rush of a new business.  He loves showing his kids where real food comes from.

Meet Lhasa:

Lhasa grew up on a tiny Island with 'back -to-the-lander' parents, who grew everything they ate.

Life went on, they moved to the city and city things happened.  But always in the back of her mind, was the land.  The choice to move to farming was an easy one.  

Dropping out of the mainstream food supply system gives Lhasa a great sense of satisfaction.  Teaching her kids that they can survive of what they make with their own two hands is rewarding.  Walking into her backyard to fetch a truly wholesome meal is magic.

Meet Hudson:

Don't be too surprised if soon he has an enterprise himself.  The kid likes having pocket money & is not afraid to work for it.

Meet  Hank:

Hank likes noodles, lego, and reading to our chickens.