Pasture Raised Roasting Chickens


We take pride in raising all of our Meat Chickens on pasture and with Non-GMO Food.  

Depending on the time of year we are either raising Cobbs (traditional meat bird)- or some variety of heritage bird.  

They come to us as day-old chicks (VERY CUTE).  From here we give them extra special care as they are at their most fragile stage of life.  They spend three weeks in our brooder.

After this they move into our chicken tractors on pasture.   These guys get to move daily- so there are always new things to peck at!

When the time comes for them to 'go'- we take a short one minute trip to our friends at Island Farmhouse Poultry,  a provincially inspected facility.  

We have our freezer stocked full of roasting chickens, as well as various cuts!